Custom Curriculum

Upcoming Training Sessions

October 12th through 15th
UDS F&I Certification Class

October 20th & 21st
F&I For Non-F&I Managers

November 9th through 12th
UDS F&I Certification Class

November 17th & 18th
UDS Webinar – Deal Structure and the Lender

December 7th through 10th
UDS F&I Certification Class

December 15th & 16th
UDS Webinar – Goal Setting For FSMs

Training – Custom Curriculum

Beyond the UDS core modules and certification programs, we recognized the need for some additional topics that address front-end operations. These sessions aim to share best practices, discuss looking the part, as well as providing leadership training to your management staff. These three sessions have proven to be an invaluable complement to our core training over the years.