Core Modules

Upcoming Training Sessions

October 12th through 15th
UDS F&I Certification Class

October 20th & 21st
F&I For Non-F&I Managers

November 9th through 12th
UDS F&I Certification Class

November 17th & 18th
UDS Webinar – Deal Structure and the Lender

December 7th through 10th
UDS F&I Certification Class

December 15th & 16th
UDS Webinar – Goal Setting For FSMs

UDS Core Modules Build The Foundation

The foundation for a successful career and the basis for all UDS training sessions lies within the framework of these core modules.

1. Control Through Finance

One of the most critical factors in determining the success and profitability of any F&I Department is Finance Penetration. Statistics tell us that, on average, 80% of all F&I protection products and services are sold in conjunction with finance deals. We will not only lay down the guidelines for proper bank/lender relationships, but how to create an advantage when negotiating a deal. This module is designed to provide the learner with the essential ingredients to maximizing finance penetrations.

2. AutoMenu Presentation Skills & Techniques

Did you know a customer will buy more than we could ever sell them? Mastering a basic menu presentation is one thing, but this module takes it to the next level, with advanced techniques that go beyond your basic ‘presentation’. We will share techniques that eliminate most objections before they occur. Proper menu setup will provide a streamlined, no-nonsense approach that will provide you with a more powerful presentation that will improve your product sales and profits.

3. Lender Relations

The F&I Manager is the liaison between the lending institution and the retail customer. When operating in this capacity, the F&I Manager is responsible for dealing with the lender in an upfront and ethical manner while attempting to get all they can get. This module will provide you with an understanding on how to build better lender relations that will provide for the maximum profit potential on each deal.

4. Advanced Management Skills

There is more to F&I than just selling. Without question, the position of the F&I Manager in today’s dealership is the most detail-oriented role in the dealership’s front end. As the manager of this critical department, the development of specific administrative and management skills is required for any level of success. This Module will address all the primary aspects of becoming a detailed administrator as well as review the management traits it takes to becoming a sound leader.

5. F&I Protection Products

Product knowledge creates confidence, which creates enthusiasm…and enthusiasm sells! This module will review the common features of each F&I protection product available for sale in the F&I office, as well as provide a feature presentation for each.

6. Gaining Commitment

Too many F&I Departments are unprepared when handling customer concerns. They often “wing it” or use “one-liners” to try and persuade their customers into purchasing. Many do not have a consistent process for bringing out and properly handling objections. Some can handle one “no”, but lack the knowledge to handle the second or even third “no”. This module is designed to provide you with a rational means to gaining customers commitment to enroll in the F&I protection products you are offering.

7. Keys To Leasing

Automotive leasing is as viable a method of driving a new vehicle as is standard financing or paying cash. This module will examine the pros and cons of automotive leasing as well as explain the fairly simple logic and common terminology behind a consumer lease. This module is also designed to enlighten you to the F&I profit potential often overlooked on a lease transaction.