Core Modules

Upcoming Training Sessions

August 10th through 13th
UDS F&I Certification Class

August 18th & 19th
UDS Webinar – When Good Deals Go Bad

August 25th
F&I For Non-F&I Managers

September 8th & 9th
UDS Webinar – Increasing Ancillary Product Enrollment

September 9th or 10th
Marketing F&I Products Outside the F&I Office

October 12th through 15th
UDS F&I Certification Class

UDS Core 10 Modules Build The Foundation

The foundation for a successful career and the basis for all UDS training sessions lies within the framework of these core modules.

1. F&I Management and Administration

Participants will learn the organizational, administrative and leadership skills needed to maintain peak performance in a high-volume environment.

2. Products that Protect

A comprehensive overview of all the products that are offered in F&I. Participants will learn how identify the right product to address the customer’s needs and how to relate the benefits of those products to the customer’s life increasing penetrations and customer satisfaction.

3. Process to Profit

The best processes work for every stakeholder. In this module participants will learn benchmark processes that increase communication and collaboration, increase profit, limit mistakes and provide a great experience for internal and external customers.

4. Deal Structure and Lender Relations

This module is designed for those who want to maximize profit on every deal. Participants will learn steps that ensure maximum profit on every deal.

5. Needs Discovery and the Conversational Interview

UDS AutoMenu is based on offering products based on the needs of the customer. In this module F&I Managers will learn how to gain insight into the customers unique needs while developing credibility and trust through effective conversational interview techniques. Being a great closer starts with your opening.

6. Menu Disclosure

Participants will learn the UDS process and key strategies to deliver an efficient telling not selling menu presentation that will keep the customer engaged and lead to multiple product enrollment.

7. Gaining Commitment

This module is built off the UDS F&I process and all previous Core Modules. In Gaining Commitment, participants will learn how to utilize the customer insights they learned in the interview to build value. Then, to use logic to address customer concerns and gain multiple product enrollment.

8. Marketing F&I Products Outside the F&I Office

This module will teach strategies for F&I Managers to develop multiple revenue streams into the F&I office resulting in substantially higher departmental income and personal income.

9. Effective Training Techniques for Managers

This module is for all department managers to develop the skills needed to become an effective trainer, teacher and coach to today’s workforce no matter what their age, experience or role in the dealership.

10. F&I for Non-F&I Managers

The lines between Sales, F&I and the BDC are not as defined as they once were. This very popular module provides non- F&I managers insight into F&I responsibilities and processes improving communication and collaboration between all departments. Participants will gain insights into compliance and risk mitigation and how it applies to their roles and their responsibilities within the dealership.