Ancillary Workshops

Upcoming Training Sessions

April 21st or 22nd
F&I for Non F&I Managers

June 15th through 19th
UDS F&I Certification Class

Training – Ancillary Workshops

Beyond the UDS core modules and certification programs, we recognized the need for some additional topics that address front-end operations. These sessions aim to share best practices, discuss looking the part, as well as providing leadership training to your management staff. These three sessions have proven to be an invaluable complement to our core training over the years.

Setting the Stage for Success

This workshop will address all the preliminary aspects of being an effective and efficient Business Manager, prior to visiting with the customer. We will demonstrate techniques that will make your salespeople care about the quality of their paperwork, a proper Turnover at point of sale, and the benefits of the products we offer to them and their customers. How the Business Office is set up has a greater impact than you think. We will show you how to create the Banker Image in your dealership for optimum professionalism, success, and profits.

F&I Profitability Roundtable

These are invitation only workshops held to discuss what you want to talk about. The attendees are polled for their input on the agenda and material is prepared exclusively for that group. Attendees are encouraged to be open and actively participate. You might just leave with a new lender in hand or an idea that will sell five more service contracts next month.

Train the Trainer

This workshop provides your Management team the tools and knowledge to effectively train your sales staff. The attendees will learn how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to construct an ongoing training process that delivers results. The curriculum will teach your Managers the who, where, what, how and when associated with in-dealership training.