Sales Management

Upcoming Training Sessions

April 21st or 22nd
F&I for Non F&I Managers

June 15th through 19th
UDS F&I Certification Class

Sales Consultant & Sales Manager Training

We realize that the level of F&I success you achieve is directly affected by the actions and words of your sales consultants and managers. These two sessions aim to provide a solid understanding of F&I operations and provide word tracks and processes designed to alleviate some of the common mistakes made out front that can adversely affect F&I productivity and profitability. Putting the spotlight on these two aspects often make an immediate impact with F&I getting cleaner deals with a more receptive customer..

A major concern in our industry today is the ability to staff our sales floor with qualified, professional Sales Consultants that can not only sell cars, but who can create and maintain the image we strive to achieve. It seems that only 10 – 20 percent of the people we bring into our business stay around for more than six months. The main reason for this is simple – We NEVER give them an opportunity to be successful. Most dealerships rely on our Sales Managers to train and develop these people. The problem here is two fold: First, our Sales Managers are not trainers. Secondly, they do not have the time to be trainers. Many ask their ‘green-peas’ to watch product videos until their eye’s bleed and try to teach them sales skills ‘on-the-fly’. The solution is here in UDS SalesPro™, where Sales Consultants are trained on two key areas of their job.

Sales Manager Training

This workshop provides your Management team the tools and knowledge to effectively train your sales staff. The attendees will learn how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to construct an ongoing training process that delivers results. The curriculum will teach your Managers the who, where, what, how and when associated with in-dealership training.

Road To The Sale

1. How to properly greet a customer immediately upon their arrival with professional verbiage that will greatly reduce the “I’m just looking!” syndrome.
2. How to get the customer to buy in to them as an individual, rather than someone who is trying to get into their pocket.
3. How to select the proper vehicle the customer will buy, not what they are telling you they will buy.
4. Walk around presentation skills that will be based on the customers ‘hot-buttons’ rather than a formal ‘start here and end here’ system.
5. How to get more, and more effective, demonstration drives.
– Who drives first?
– Who picks the route?
– Who goes along for the ride?
– How long should it take?
6. A service walk…EVERY TIME!
7. They will learn smooth transitions as they proceed through the sale. Creating a process that will virtually eliminate shortcuts in the sales process.
8. They will learn a structure that allows them to overcome the customer’s objections with logical and intelligent responses.

Ancillary Skills

1. Too many Sales Consultants believe that they can make a living in today’s automotive market off showroom traffic. We teach the ‘who, how, and when’ of successful PROSPECTING.

2. The best opportunity your dealership has to sell a car today is with those who call your store for information. Studies have shown they are the most ready to buy. Most Consultants’ PHONE SKILLS are pathetic, giving the customer all they want and getting nothing in return. We supply the verbiage that delineates your people from the others. This makes the customer want to come in while feeling no pressure.

3. There are only two ways for a Consultant to sell more cars. Talk to more people or get more effective with those whom he/she is talking to now. Proper GOAL SETTING is essential in developing good work habits. We work with the action plan. The goal is only the destination.

4. Imagine the time that is wasted by your people leaning on the vehicle in the showroom talking about how bad it is and who’s fault it is. In our TIME MANAGEMENT section, we discuss the proper use of discretionary time vs. non-discretionary time. We say, “Plan For Success.”