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Press Releases

April 4, 2020

CLEARWATER, FL — UDS Adds Innovative Vehicle Sanitizing Product To Its Lineup!

UDS is announcing the immediate addition of a vehicle sanitizing product to its current lineup of top-tier products. This innovative product features hospital-grade (very effective) sanitizing for vehicles of all sizes. This eco-friendly product has been designated as a Level 1 Skull & Crossbones solution which is considered to be food-safe. No other product meets these standards.

The application process takes a mere 2-3 minutes, and can be performed by anybody available…it really is that easy. The application process uses an applicator to fog the inside of the vehicle with the air conditioning on and set to recirculate to ensure all ducts and vents are treated as well.

This product has been EPA registered and certified, including an “Emerging Pathogen” designation issued by the EPA. We aren’t aware of any another product that is able to make this claim. Other products have proved to be very caustic and require additional safety gear to perform the application process.

WE recognize products such as this are in high demand and many companies are experiencing delays in shipments or complete backorders. Rest assured, UDS has a very large supply of both product and applicators.

Cost & Shipping
The cost for this product is $371 per gallon of concentrate, which yields 13 gallons of useable solution to treat over 200 vehicles. The Tornador applicator is $85. The small average cost per vehicle is designed to make this a profitable product from the first application.

There is a nominal shipping charge applied to all orders.

Additional product details and up front ordering is available as requested.

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

In an effort to promote a socially responsible work environment during the Corona Virus / Covid-19 Pandemic, the majority of our teammates have transitioned to a work from home strategy.  The weight of technology plays a large role at this time as our corporate team has worked around the clock this past week to engage the work from home connectivity with protected technology.

In this realm, the Training, Coaching and Development efforts will be conducted online and all live sessions will be rescheduled at a later date.  A small rotating administrative staff will be available at UDS headquarters in Clearwater to support Sales, Underwriting and Business Processing.  Know that we are 100% committed to providing a seamless transition.

These temporary systems will remain in place until further notice. 

We wish you ALL a Healthy and Safe environment as we pass through this very difficult period.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Randy Crisorio

November 26, 2019

CLEARWATER, FL — UDS/Brown & Brown Dealer Services (BBDS) announced the promotion of John Tabar to Vice President of Training.

John understands the Power of WE and has immersed himself in all aspects of training for dealer partners and BBDS teammates, both current and the rapidly increasing staff through acquisition.

“John has taken the acclaimed UDS Training program up three notches to peak industry levels. His experience and knowledge in automotive retailing and compliance will advance the skills of thousands in the coming years. Perfect timing for the new Powerhouse of which UDS is a component, namely the Brown & Brown Dealer Services network,” says Randy Crisorio, UDS President. “John understands the Power of WE and has immersed himself in all aspects of training for dealer partners and BBDS teammates,

John will continue to apply his depth of knowledge of dealership sales and F&I processes which have grown in complexity over the years. The appearance of transition in todays retail climate is real and John will begin assembling a team to support many exciting projects slated for release this year.

Diamond – F&I Training
Rated #1 2005 through 2019

Platinum – Compliance Training
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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