Ongoing Profesional Development

Upcoming Training Sessions

October 12th through 15th
UDS F&I Certification Class

October 20th & 21st
F&I For Non-F&I Managers

November 9th through 12th
UDS F&I Certification Class

November 17th & 18th
UDS Webinar – Deal Structure and the Lender

December 7th through 10th
UDS F&I Certification Class

December 15th & 16th
UDS Webinar – Goal Setting For FSMs

Accelerate your success through ongoing Professional Development.

Professional Development

A true professional hones his, or her, craft every day to ensure success. At UDS we provide ongoing professional development to drive that success. From Recruitment to Menu Selling and Profit Participation programs, we take your success seriously. Listed below are some of the tools we use to deliver professional-grade development services.

The Menu Selling System

The UDS trademarked menu selling system, AutoMenu®, is the next generation in F&I menu selling and it provides the backbone necessary to deliver a professional, non-confrontational menu presentation that truly yields BIG results. UDS AutoMenu® differs from generic menus in its flexibility regarding positive options needed to overcome customer objections. AutoMenu® will ensure compliance and build value in your products, while consistently boosting profits through its ability to deliver a simple presentation on every product, to every customer, every time. Remember, “The customer will always buy more than we could ever hope to sell them.” AutoMenu® ensures you’re succeeding – Doing It The Right Way.

Tracking and Reporting Like A Boss

Dealership results are pulled directly from your DMS system and includes a simple validation process. The UDS system automates the details for penetrations and averages and delivers immediate reporting electronically when requested or when scheduled. Available frequency is daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Special year-by-year comparisons are generated as well. Our system is totally flexible and routinely tracks departmental and closer activity, in addition to sales person and sales management statistics. No system dissects the numbers as well as UDS AutoTracking® does. Data access is available to you from anywhere in the world.

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Strategic Analysis

The analysis and tracking component of our Performance Engineering® program reflects the prior year’s average, sales targets, and posts results month-by-month throughout the year. These include both performance and income categories. It is important to meet monthly and review these reports to determine what we are doing well and what requires attention. Peak performance is no accident and UDS systems, development expertise, and training provide the insight and tools to get the job done at the top of your field.


Making the right personnel choice the first time is paramount to any successful F&I operation. UDS maintains an F&I bank of qualified candidates that have been screened in advance of your interview considerations. This includes Personality testing to help determine any red flags in the candidate’s personality makeup as we seek to make the best choice possible. Furthermore, UDS has years of experience making recommendations of staffers that fit particular business models. Make, volume, market, and departmental scope are but a few of the important aspects viewed for future success.

Incentive Administration

It’s no secret money is a great motivator, and it’s no surprise that F&I Managers respond aggressively to a well-structured incentive plan. With our Dealer Choice® Incentive plan, an arrangement is made between yourself and UDS whereas money is set aside to fuel our journey to new performance heights. We analyze performance and devise plans every 60 – 90 days highlighting focus items, which reward achievement. The ability to retrain emphasis to certain target areas of sales opportunity has proven invaluable in our developmental efforts. We recommend every Dealer participate in this unique program.

Profit Participation Programs

As a volume F&I Provider, you can be certain that UDS has you in mind when it comes to wealth-building profit participation programs. Whether it is by way of management fees, an experience-rated program or Reinsurance Program that is right for you, the rewards from UDS programs are transparent and you will know where you stand every month. Reinsurance facilities include both Controlled Foreign Corporations and Non-Controlled Foreign Corporations.