So Here’s the Deal-io, my broh’s & brah’s…

You are the new coach of a professional sports team. The season is about to begin, and the players are reporting to camp tomorrow. Some will arrive in peak condition, others out of shape and overweight. Some will have their skills honed and be ready to go, others will be sluggish and off the mark. As a coach, you must establish the tone and set the stage for all to develop and come together as a team. Great coaches pull the best performance out of all their players, the superstars and the role players. They help people grow to the point where they outperform the competition and even their teammates who were ahead of them on the first day. Are you ready to accept that challenge? If so, then scan this code thingy with your smartphone and listen up!

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The UDS Diamond Finish program is fully insured by Wesco, a member of the AmTrust Financial family of businesses. Protection is available for seven years with additional standard benefits. These include: 1) Renewable for life, in three year increments, and 2) transferable to a second owner, upping the value of the vehicle.