Work with us to maximize your Dealership's F&I performance and drive your profits.

We Provide
Top-Tier F&I Products

UDS offers a full line of F&I protection products. Having provider flexibility guarantees UDS is able to satisfy the changing needs of the market and your dealership. Various participation and reinsurance options are available.

We Deliver
Award-Winning Training

The cornerstone of our business is Training. In fact, UDS has been named the top F&I Training Provider sixteen consecutive years! We deliver training onsite, online and on mobile devices so you can learn on your terms, 24/7/365.

We Facilitate
Professional Development

From providng Strategic Analysis to Staff Recruitment and Incentive Administration, UDS offers a wide range of Professional Development and Coaching expertise. We develop true F&I professionals who get results.

Upcoming Training Sessions: 

December 8, 22 – Online: Increasing T&W Penetration

December 13th through 16th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

January 10th through 13th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

January 19th or 20th – F&I For Non-F&I Managers

February 7th through 10th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

February 17th – F&I For Non-F&I Managers

March 14th through 17th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

March 22nd or 23rd – F&I For Non-F&I Managers

April 11th through 14th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

April 17th – F&I For Non-F&I Managers

May 9th through 12th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

May 19th – F&I For Non-F&I Managers

June 6th through 9th – BBDS F&I Certification Course

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves. We'll Make Yours Better.

UDS' Performance Engineering® system has proven its worth time and time again by way of F&I sales gains and the resulting bottom line in today’s dollars.


Year We Started

5500 +

F&I Managers Trained


Average PPR

$ 1300

Average PVR


Ethics & Compliance Certification Made Easy.

UDS is the first to offer an online Ethics and Compliance certification course you can take anytime, on any device.  This course is designed to help you understand what Ethics and Compliance is, how it effects you and your dealership, and how you can avoid violations.

Course Features

+ Available 24/7/365

+ Learn How E&C Effects You
+ Avoid Compliance Violations
+ Build and Manage E&C Programs
+ Ethics & Compliance Certification

Your Dealership's Success Is Our Focus.

UDS was launched on a vision of dedicated training and development designed to ignite F&I operations of the franchised automobile dealer. Its founder, Randy Crisorio, saw great value in a truly consultative approach through the use of recruitment, training, monitoring, and development. Keeping our ‘eye on the ball’ is our job…and we take it very seriously. Dealership growth and staff success are the every-day focus items that have keyed our success since 1982.

Drive Your F&I Performance With UDS.

About UDS
United Development Systems, a division of Brown & Brown Insurance, has been partnering with franchised automobile dealers for over 39 years to maximize F&I Performance.

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